Human chain to prevent eviction in Bristol

KIND hearted neighbours form a human chain to prevent a mum of five to be evicted from her home.

The active neighbours form a human chain around the mum’s house to stop her and her family for being kicked out from her home after 12 years.

Nimo Abdullahi, 39 said that she was told to leave the house after she complained to her landlord about the damp and the unclean carpets.

But in a great move of support residents and campaigners stood side by side to build a wall of bodies outside of her home in Bristol. There were around 30 people but very soon more and more protesters started to join the chain.

However, when authorities came on Tuesday morning, they weren’t able to go inside the house.

Nimo confessed that she was threatened with a possible eviction several times, especially when she was complaining about the damp.

She said: “It has a big problem with damp. This is bad for us because my children have asthma and it is not a good place. Until recently, the carpets everywhere were very old and dirty and we would ask the landlord to improve things but he was difficult.

Many times I asked him to sort it out and a lot of times he would threaten us.

He would say that we were going to be evicted, and once he came round with his wife and she said that if we didn’t move out they would call the police to get us out.

But this is our home.”

Eviction: Mum of five has been evicted because she complained about the damp

Nimo is currently being helped by Acorn, a local grass roots movement, which fights for renters’ rights.

One of the supporters of this human action Jenny Ross said: “’We don’t want people in our community treated like this. It’s a revenge eviction and people deserve decent rented accommodations. This landlord, and all landlords, need to know there are people in this community who won’t ignore it.

We live in this street and it’s a close community. It’s amazing how many people have turned out.”

The Founder of Acorn Nick Ballard, said he wanted to send a ‘strong message’ that such evictions will not be accepted.

However, the family has been removed from the house and they have found accommodation in shelter for homelessnesses.

On the other hand a spokesperson from the landlord’s side denied any allegations for a ‘revenge eviction’.

He said: “The correct legal process has been followed to remove the tenant Ms Abdullahi from the property.”

He added: “The tenant Ms Abdullahi and Acorn have made false allegations in terms of this being a revenge eviction.

“This claim of it being a ‘revenge eviction ‘is particularly surprising, as the landlord had invited both parties to a meeting.

“This was attended by Acorn and Ms Abdullahi to help resolve the situation, where the landlord clearly explained the reasoning behind the eviction, even though this was not compulsory.”


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