Café Continental closes earlier after the business licence has changed in Gourock.


Business licence changes: Cafe Continental closes sooner than expected.

A NEW roof terrace will close sooner at night as it was planed because of the neighbours’ complaints.

Cafe Continental wanted to be opened until 11pm but this has turned in to 9pm.

Inverclyde Licensing Board is in charge to investigate the changes that can be made in businesses’ licence but the café have expressed their wish to follow the proposals made by police.

Police said that this action is to reduce potential disturbance to local residents.

Chief Constable Philip Gormley said: “To ensure adherence to the licensing objectives, an earlier terminal hour should be defined for the proposed outdoor drinking area.”

There have been discussions for further changes in the Café’s function on drinking related matters.

No alcohol can be served in the licensed area and must be supervised all the time by the CCTV system. The Café Continental must use plastic in order to serve its customers instead of glasses and bottles and the people must be seated while they are drinking rather than standing.

The Café Continental is planning to create new dining space on the upper floor providing access to a roof terrace and outdoor drinking.

Developments to the business would include extending the first floor of the Kempock Street restaurant and bar and making the number of people who can be hosted from 196 to 270.

They will also add bar meals and music player which will keep the costumers company as well as televised sport outside during these hours.

They have been given the authority to extend the hours on a Sunday morning to start serving alcohol at 11am instead of 12:30pm which is the likely and to stay open later on a Sunday night for an extra hour when special live sporting and other events are on TV.

This would involve the premises being open until 1am, but would not require alcohol to be served.

The board chairman, Councillor Ronnie Ahlfeld said: “I certainly welcome the developments at the Kempock street restaurant and Continental Café . It is fantastic to see the investment being made in them.”


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